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Lactinov Export


We develop, formulate and produce aseptic liquid milk products and derivatives, conditioned in brik packs and bottles.

As a result, we offer our customers an excellent opportunity for increasing their market share on a strong-growth market by offering them healthy, tasty and innovative milk drinks.

Our Quality and R&D Departments possess the necessary skills to make certain of compliance with safety aspects, in line with the usage and customers in the countries from which requests emanate.

We propose a wide variety of UHT milk products, available in different formats.

We have our own brand, Promess, offering an extensive range of milk:

  • Promess Kids (Flavoured milk)
  • Promess (Plain milk)

The Range Promess

We can also produce for you under your own brand name.

Lactinov develops and sells a wide range of UHT milk for export in brik packs and bottles on its two production sites.

We offer our customers the opportunity of expanding on a fast-growth market by proposing a range of healthy, tasty, innovative milk drinks, made from 100% fresh French milk.

Our production sites have been certified by regular sanitary inspections and possess the necessary qualifications to operate on a highly regulated international market.

We will ensure the quality and traceability of your products from the farm until they are packaged to guarantee you perfect food safety.

Lactinov Export